Natural Beauty Screen Saver

Natural Beauty Screen Saver 1.0

Natural Beauty Screen Saver will bring the ocean to your desktop
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The ocean. Almost three parts of out planet are covered with water.
Mystery, power, and beauty combined.
Would you like to be able to enjoy the ocean every day?
Natural Beauty Screen Saver will bring the ocean to your desktop.

This beautiful screen saver will take you to the magnificent ocean.
You will be able to see how the surface forms waves with the wind.
You can feel the power of this mass of water, moving along towards some distant shore.
All of a sudden, the crest grows higher, and it finally rolls over and breaks as a wave.
The graphics are high quality, and you can almost feel the up and down movement created by the waves.

Natural Beauty Screen Saver includes sound.
You will be watching this beautiful scene and you will be able to listen to the wind blowing, and finally the sound of the wave breaking and rolling.
If you are stressed out because of your daily routine and problems, this screen saver will surely help you to relax and forget about your problems, at least for a while.
It will soon become one of your favorite screen savers.

The registered version includes two more scenes for you to enjoy.

Fernando Soni
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  • Really beautiful and very relaxing
  • The sound effects are great


  • Just one scene for the trial version
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